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Shopping at BuyBuyBaby + family-friendly sushi

Just visited BuyBuyBaby‘s store (at 270 Seventh Ave. Between 25th and 26th) with a couple friends – we couldn’t leave! We were hungry and thirsty and a bit worn out and still kept wandering the aisles. Moms in a baby store – like kids in a candy shop. It was nearly empty at 11:30 on a Tuesday morning and there was a free salesperson on every corner. Two decent nursing rooms. A huge inventory. Great place to shop.

Afterwards, we grabbed a $14.95 Bento Box lunch special and (delicious) red bean ice cream at Monster Sushi on West 23rd between 7th and 6th Avenues. The restaurant was very baby friendly – with high chairs and endless patience for our newly acquired musical toys.

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Important News Post #1: New iPhone App just for NYC parents!

I just dished out $2.99 for the brand new app IKidNY. It’s using my current location. And with that, it’s going to tell me the closest:
1) Outdoor Activities
2) Indoor Activities
3) Restaurants
4) Changing Tables
5) Subway Elevators

So far, looks genius (though I hope to see a Baby Shopping feature added soon). Who is this mom who invented it? And who is the graphics wiz who came up with the super-cute and user-friendly interface (so this is what you get when you actually pay for apps!)?

Just to give it a whirl, I’ll look up Outdoor Activities in our area…Thinking…Thinking…Now I get a map of Manhattan and choose an area – or search for what’s closest to me…And I get Hudson River Park, two playgrounds, and a Beach Cafe and Volleyball Court I know I’ll be visiting next summer. You get the address. And can quickly get directions.
And can add it to favorites.

I can see this becoming a very handy tool when a group of moms with babies is looking for a kid-friendly restaurant in the area (like my friends and I were earlier today) that won’t mind parents playing the Mozart Cube to their kids for all to hear (like I was earlier today ;).

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It’s been two months – it’s time to share.

Hello! My husband, baby and I moved to NYC in August 2009. And it’s taken a while to get our bearings, but now it’s time to start sharing all the info I’ve gathered as a new mom in a new city. It takes some leg (and web, and phone) work to learn about great shops, docs, restaurants, walks etc. – and while I’m discovering it all with Oliver in tow, I hope I can help some other moms with little people feel at home in the Big Apple! For now, I’m not working and my husband’s fairly busy with business school, so I’ve got plenty of opportunities to explore, talk to other moms – and (I hope) blog about it. If you’re interested in learning more about me, feel free to check out the About section.

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