I’m a writer of both copy and prose, both for business and pleasure, born in Moscow and raised in Boston. I’m married to a Dane and, after meeting in London 15 years ago, we seem to keep landing in new places together. The latest move, in January 2020, was from Boston to Basel, Switzerland.

I started the blog in New York City over 10 years ago, when we were parents to just one one-year-old. It was a place to share experiences in the Big Apple as a New Mom.

Now, I find myself in quite a different place. But, interestingly enough, once again with a one-year-old in a brand-new city (it appears those are the circumstances that inspire me to write). And, of course, we all find ourselves in the time of the coronavirus. The experience of being an expat in a pandemic with a baby is filled with more thoughts and events than I could ever cover, but I hope to delve into at least a few of them here, shedding light, and some humor, on the challenges we all face as little people in a big, big world.

I hope you enjoy the read.

Thanks for visiting!


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